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Today, Kavir Tire is honored to lead the Iranian tire industry and be seen as the symbol of science and industry of South Khorassan Province. For years, it has carried out major valuable activities in the industry and has offered quality products to the market, while taking steps towards elevation and progress as a dynamic and progressive organization.

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Drive with confidence in winter

Without suitable tires on your car, driving can be dangerous on slippery roads in the winter. Equipped with the state-of-the-art European knowhow for production of winter tires, KavirTire offers products that let you drive confidently and without worries in winter.

48-month guarantee


Central office :

No 12., Toopchi av., Northern Sohrevardi st, Tehran | TEL: 021-41353000

Birjand Office :

Kavirtire Factory- 11th Km of Kerman Road- Birjand Province | TEL: +9856-32255073

Mashhad Office :

In between Khalaj 11 and 14 streets-Khalaj St.- Seyyedi Neighborhood, IRAN | TEL: +9851-33890888

Fars Office :

Begining North Sepah blv. ,Square Artesh, Shiraz, IRAN | TEL: 071-38317499

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