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Kavir Tire Co. was established in 1987 at a capital of one million rials and executive operations for its construction started per a principled agreement of the Ministry of Industries. Its nominal production capacity was pegged at 25,500 tons from 1991. It is situated on 112 hectares of land in the city of Birjand, eastern Iran. The company was put into operation early October 1998 at a cost of IRR350b and $84m. Kavir Tire is the biggest industrial unit in South Khorassan Province and now, more than 15% (in weight) and more than 22% (in number) of all the tires produced in Iran are supplied by the company.

Kavir Tire Co. is honored to have innovation and dynamism as pivots of its strategic policy. Since its establishment, the company has always been a source of remarkable scientific developments in the Iranian tire industry. Such an honor is manifest in the acquisition of the technology for the production of wire radial tires for automobiles. The executive and organizational policies of Kavir Tire are based on the progressive principle of customer satisfaction and addressing the explicit and implicit demands of the customers and their access to new concepts of industrial management.

Today, Kavir Tire is honored to lead the Iranian tire industry and be seen as the symbol of science and industry of South Khorassan Province. For years, it has carried out major valuable activities in the industry and has offered quality products to the market, while taking steps towards elevation and progress as a dynamic and progressive organization. Now, it intends to rely on the potential of its hardworking and valuable directors, experts and staff and yield such high quality products as before to remain a forerunner in the Iranian tire industry.

Organizational values of Kavir Tire Co.:

  • Honor of work, staff and sincerity of the organization
  • Meeting the interests of customers, consumers and other trade partners
  • Attending to quality and making distinction in products
  • Social responsibilities and environment protection
  • Creation of value and credit for customers, shareholders, staff and society
  • Technical Know-How and Machinery

    Kavir Tire Co. is the first Iranian tire manufacturing company to have purchased the technology for designing and manufacturing wire radial and tubeless tires (premium tires) from Slovakia's Matador Company, which is one of the most well-reputed European companies. The machinery and equipment installed in the production line of Kavir Tire Co. are from the famous brands of Europe and Japan that use sophisticated technology. It is exceptional in the Iranian tire industry from different aspects due to the mobilization of the collection with sophisticated control systems and precise tools. Since tires are critical to the safety of automobiles, to ensure the safety and quality of the products, all production procedures are attached to smart quality control systems and modern equipment are used in the company’s laboratories and test centers.


    The products of the company include different sizes of steel-belt radial tires, and products for different kinds of vans as well as strips around the flap – all the products are marketed with the trade brand of Kavir Tire.


  • The Omid Investment Management Company owns 68.8 percent of the total shares
  • Etezad Ghadir Investment Co. has 13 percent of the shares
  • Public shares account for 18 percent of the shares<.li>

    Job Creation

    Kavir Tire Co. is the biggest industrial and production unit in South Khorassan Province, providing direct and full time jobs for 1,197 people and indirect jobs for more than 2000 others.

    Moreover, the factory has recruited 150 experts, senior experts and PhDs in different branches. They are experienced and are graduates of the country’s leading universities.

    Production Capacity

    The license for the operation of the company envisions the production of 27,900 tons of different kinds of tires and flaps a year.

    Share holder contributions:

  • Omid Investment Company: % 68.8
  • Ghadir Investment Company: % 13
  • Popular stocks: %18
  • Registered capital: 200 billion Rials
  • Investment:

  • Initial investment: 84 million dollars
  • Start year of operation: 1997
  • Land area: 112 hectares
  • Infrastructure: 85000 square meters
  • Occupation:

  • Direct and full time occupation: 1180 employees
  • Indirect occupation: More than 2000 persons
  • Experienced experts: 150 employees
  • Production capacity:

  • Certificate of annual operation capacity: 27900 tons of tires, tubes and flaps
  • Production of previous fiscal year: 26600 tons
  • Annual working days: 350 days
  • Development Plan

    The company has pegged the project for its development on a short- and mid-term approach. The short-term development plan envisions upgrading technical know-how and diversification of the size of the steel-belt radial tires up to the latest global level of qualitative, environmental and technological standards, while eying development of the machinery to achieve a 30,000 ton production capacity. The project for mid-term development aims 40,000 tons of production capacity in a plant in the vicinity of the current plan. It is to rely on God Almighty to absorb modern technology for technical know-how and machinery, different kinds of All Steel tires tailor-made for buses, trucks, minibuses and varying kinds of tires for sport cars being wider with less altitude.

    The features of the tires are: Passenger friendly, better steering, acceleration, more favorable braking, and durability; these are among the components intended for products of the company’s mid-term development plan.

    Kavir Tire: A Customer-friendly Company

    Kavir Tire Co. supplies tires to major portion of domestic auto-manufacturing companies like Iran Khdoro, Saipa, Kerman Khodro and the like. To satisfy the policy of offering modern sales services, a distinctive distribution network has been activated in the marketing and sales department to meet fresh demands of the consumption market. To build confidence in its products, the company provides a 48-month guarantee beginning from the date inscribed on tires. The company provides guarantees against all the damage caused as a result of production. Kavir Tire has an extensive distribution and sales network for its products nationwide and so it provides consumers with its products.


    Since it became operational in 1998, Kavir Tire is honored to have received more than 110 counts of achievements including certificates, statues, awards and plates of honor from many organizations and centers of the country and of the world highest Iranian and international authorities. All these honors mark a brilliant record in the history of the country’s tire industry, presenting it as a progressive, elevated and honorable unit both nationally and regionally.

    The most important achievements of the company are:

  • Receipt of the certificate and plate of honor as a model R&D unit from the Ministry of Industries and Mines in the years 1998, 1999 and 2000
  • Receipt of the plate of honor as a model entrepreneur and lover of laborer from the Social Security Organization in 2005
  • Receipt of the plate of honor and certificate for endeavoring to score the number one status in national quality award process in 2006
  • Receipt of the plate of honor and statue as a model public relations department from Iran's 5th Public Relations Department, and an award for promoting public relations in 2007
  • Receipt of the title of model provincial unit; achieving the top rank in workers' social and cultural affairs and receiving the certificate of appreciation from the governor general of South Khorassan Province and the South Khorassan Labor and Social Affairs Organization in 2008
  • Receiving a certificate of appreciation and statue as national model industrial unit from the President and Ministry of Industries and Mines in the years 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2011.
  • Receiving the certificate and statue for the national model unit for respecting the rights of consumers from Organization of Support for Consumers and Producers in 2003, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011
  • Receiving statue of top exporter of Iran from the Iran Trade Development Organization in 2011
  • Receiving title of model exporting unit in South Khorasan Province from provincial Industrial Research and Standard Organization in 2005 and 2011
  • Receiving certificate of merit as model environment protection unit and receiving title of model clean industry unit in province from South Khorasan Environment Protection Office in 2011
  • Receiving the certificate of merit from the National Productivity Festival in 2008 and 2011 as the top tire industry unit in the country for observing the general productivity index of agents in the 4th development plan
  • Receiving the certificate of green commitment and model green unit from the national green prize procedure of the Iran green management
  • Receiving the title of model and top unit in energy management in the country's tire manufacturing companies for eight consecutive years
  • Granted the statue and certificate of appreciation and national productivity award from the country's national productivity festival in 2013
  • Granted the national golden statue for respecting the rights of consumers in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014
  • Receiving the top medal and statue in 2013 for three decades of Jihadi management in 2014
  • Receiving the golden medal of trade for promotion of productivity from the 2nd productivity festival in 2014
  • Receiving the certificate of appreciation and a statute from the Iranian National Standard Organization in 2015 as an exemplary national qualitative unit
  • Receiving the certificate of appreciation for productivity from the 6th National Productivity Festival in 2015
  • Receiving the certificate of appreciation and statue from the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade in 2015 as a model industrial unit
  • Receiving the silver statue of the National Energy Management Prize in 2015 Certificates and quality licenses
  • The license of R&D from the Ministry of Industries, Mines and Trade
  • License of application of the national standard sign received from the Iran National Standard Organization
  • License of concordance with the energy consumption criterion from the Iran National Standard Organization
  • License of concordance of management system with S09001:2008 standard received from TUV NORD Company
  • License of concordance of the Environment Protection Management System with ISO14001:2004 standards received from TUV NORD
  • Certificate of concordance of the Quality Management System with ISO/TS 16940 standard received from TUV NORD
  • Certificate of concordance of the Professional Health and Safety Management System with ISO 18001:2007 standards received from the UK AGS
  • Certificate of concordance of the Energy Management System with ISO50001 standards received from the UK AGS
  • Certificate of the Implementation of Environment Protection, Safety and Health Management System based on HSE-MS standard received from the UK AGS
  • Certificate of the System of Quality Management, Monitoring, and Measurement of Customer Satisfaction based on ISO10004:2010 received from the UK AGS
  • License of tire exports to the EU (E-Mark)
  • Expansion Plan:

  • The annual production capacity in the expansion plan: 40,000 tons of passenger tires and truck tires (in addition to the existing capacity)
  • The final annual production capacity of the factory after the implementation of the expansion plan: 70,000 tons per year
  • Manpower: 470 new employees
  • Total manpower after the implementation of the expansion plan: 2100 employees
  • Approved funds by the government for the expansion: 100 million Euros
  • Results of the expansion plan:
  • Access to a more economical scale of production
  • Improved quality of the products
  • Localized know-how of a new generation of radial tires
  • Conformity of Kavir Tire products to the existing and future requirements of auto manufacturers