Elegance D-KB12

Best for all seasons | Smooth

Elegance KB12

165/65R13 77T

175/60R13 77T

3.7/5 rating (7 votes)
  • Outstanding traction and responsive braking capability on wet and sliding roads
  • Excellent performance when rounding corners in roads and safe steering due to stable dimensions
  • Quieter ride in high speeds due to different lateral grooves
  • Fuel consumption economization due to less resistance in gliding
  • Bold block tread pattern to lead water through on road surface
  • Warranty By Month

    48 Month

    Warranty According km


    Lower fuel consumption

    Savings in fuel consumption due to lower rolling resistance with the road

    Long life tires

    More durable manufacturing by optimizing the desert footprints and tire structure

    Superior handling

    Excellent behavior of the tire on the road and steering the passage of screws